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Photo series

Step into the world of my photo series, where each image tells a personal story—be it the unfiltered expressions of animals or the nuanced portraits of people. These moments, captured through my lens, are a reflection of the genuine connections and shared experiences that shape our lives. Join me on this visual journey, not as an observer, but as a participant in the raw and authentic narratives that unfold within each frame.

Embark on an introspective journey through a photo series that captures the nuanced relationships between humans and animals.

Eye of the Beholder

Step into the compelling ‘Eye of the Beholder’ series, where intimate head-on portraits forge a powerful and rarely experienced connection with the soulful gaze of animals.

WW2 Portretten

The ‘WW2 Portraits’ series invites us into the homes of individuals who lived through World War II.

Join me in observing the spirit and dignity of sled dogs, immortalized in moments of collective harmony and shared adventure.

Tabee Nieuw Guinea

I was asked by foundation Be-wonder to create portraits for their documentairy/theatre production “Tabee Nieuw Guinea” which tells about the Dutch occupation of New Guinea.

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